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Why Would a Green Card Be Denied?

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The dream of acquiring permanent residency in the U.S. is a goal for many individuals worldwide. The green card, or Permanent Resident Card, serves as proof of an individual’s official immigration status and their right to live and work in the U.S. indefinitely. Not every application for a green card, however, is approved. We know you have questions and want to outline some common reasons for denial, providing crucial insights for those navigating the U.S. immigration system.

1. Inadmissibility. Certain categories of individuals are considered “inadmissible” to the U.S.  The reasons for inadmissibility might include:

  • Health-related reasons, such as communicable diseases.
  • Criminal history, especially for crimes of moral turpitude or drug violations.
  • Security concerns, including ties to terrorist organizations.
  • Previous violations of U.S. immigration law, like illegal presence or false claims of U.S. citizenship.

2. Public Charge Concern. If an applicant is likely to become primarily dependent on the U.S. government for subsistence, they may be considered a “public charge.” This means that if the individual might require public assistance or welfare, their application could face denial.

3. Insufficient Documentation. Applications missing crucial pieces of information, or those that are incorrectly filled out, can lead to automatic denials. Always ensure that you provide all requested documents, and it’s wise to keep copies of everything you submit. When you work with an experienced immigration attorney, she can help you navigate these requested documents as well.

4. Failure to Attend the Interview. After filing the green card application, the applicant will be scheduled for an interview with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Missing this interview, unless rescheduled in advance, could lead to the application being denied. Your attorney will keep you informed on the status of important dates and what you need to do.

5. Ineligibility for the Green Card Category Applied Under. Each green card category has specific eligibility requirements. For instance, if applying for a green card through marriage, the marriage must be genuine and not just for immigration benefits.

6. Fraud or Misrepresentation. Honesty is paramount during the green card application process. If an applicant is found to have committed fraud, provided false documentation, or misrepresented facts, the application can be denied, and there may be severe consequences, including bans on re-entry. Your attorney will discuss any concerns with you to ensure transparency in your application.

7. Financial Concerns. For some green card categories, the applicant must demonstrate the ability to support themselves without resorting to public funds. A lack of financial stability or an insufficient Affidavit of Support can result in denial.

8. Previous Deportations or Removals. If an applicant has been deported or removed from the U.S. in the past, they might face hurdles in obtaining a green card, especially if they haven’t satisfied mandatory waiting periods before reapplying.

9. Health-Related Grounds. While not all medical conditions will result in denial, certain diseases or conditions that pose public health risks might be grounds for inadmissibility.

10. Security and Background Checks. If there are discrepancies or concerns arising from background checks, or if an applicant does not pass security screenings, they might be denied a green card.

While this list isn’t exhaustive, understanding the common reasons for green card denials can help applicants better prepare and improve their chances of approval. We always recommend that you consult with an experienced immigration attorney who can provide guidance tailored to individual circumstances, ensuring the best possible outcome in the pursuit of U.S. permanent residency.

For assistance navigating the immigration process and related legal issues, please feel free to reach out to our office to schedule a meeting time. At the Law Offices of Suzanne St. Luce, P.A., our staff is qualified to offer a wide range of legal services. Our attorney has over 20 years of experience and we want to help you with your case. We take all cases… Personally. Please contact us for questions related to your specific situation.

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